1. The bank staff will collect the fees which are to be paid term- wise on the dates given in the school
  2. Receipt signed and dated by the teacher / clerk shall be obtained by the student for every payment of fees made by him/her.
  3. Payment can also be made online through the link provided in the website
  4. Parents are requested to pay fees on time and save the school the unpleasant task of sending repeated


Children are advised to be

  1. Self-disciplined
  2. Well-behaved
  3. Good-mannered
  4. Punctual, prompt, regular, obedient and courteous
  5. Neat and


Parents are advised :

  1. To contact the teachers but on no account are they allowed to go to the class rooms and meet the teachers unless and until they are invited for class
  2. They are not allowed to accompany their wards to the class rooms after the first
  3. Leave attendance should be duly marked in the school diary and also leave during school hours. It should be with the permission of principal and class
  4. To avoid sending the children to school when they are sick or without proper uniform or without books and
  5. To avoid sending large amount of money through the
  6. To keep regular watch over their wards by checking the progress reports from time to
  7. To contact the teachers concerned when they are not satisfied with the progress of their
  8. All the activities of the school are envisaged and executed in the best interests of the student. Hence parents must see that their children actively take part in all the school activities set- ting aside all other
  9. Each child should bring a model related to the subject. Marks will be added to


  1. You are expected to co- operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline, seeing that your ward pre- pare their lessons, and submit their C.E, work on time and take an active and helpful interest in the activities of the
  2. You are informed that occasional reports from teachers are made in the School You are requested to sign them. If such a report is sent twice within a week, the parent is requested to meet the Principal.
  3. You are particularly expected to sign the progress report or any other similiar documents when so requested. Failure to do so may put your wards to great
  4. The engagement of private tutors, whether of the school staff or not, may prove injurious to real progress and should not be made without consulting the Principal.
  5. Those wishing to meet teachers or students during school hours or on the school premises at other times must arrange for the meeting through the Principal. No parent is allowed to go to the class rooms or beyond the school
  6. Letters officially addressed to the Principal should enclose reply postage if a reply is expected by
  7. No pupil should use bubble gum or chewing gum in the school Students found in possession of any kind of narcotics will be expelled from the school.
  8. Mobile phones, fashion shows and cinematic dances are banned in the school premises as per Order RT. No. 346/2005 D.P.I. dated 1-3-2005.
  9. The school will not repay the money in case of changing the school during the academic
  10. Students are prohibited to use social media to pass negative comments against institution and Such students will be expelled from the school.

Co-curricular Activities of the year

  1. Literary hours, inter- house and inter – class debates, elocution, recitation and
  2. Inter house team games, relays, inter – class tournaments, drill and
  3. Radio programmes, audio visual shows, Shastrolsavam, dance classes, Educational field trips and brain development
  4. Annual day includes dance, one- act plays, elocution, mono- act and various items as prescribed by the education
  5. Quiz Competitions covering Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Computer Science are conducted every month every month based on the chocolate
  6. Club activities:- Mathematics, Science , Social Science, English, Hindi,
  7. Various scholarship exams DCL, PCM, Olympiad Maths, English, Computer, Science, Spell bee, Hindi Sugama, Indian talent